Tanzadent provides High translucence and High strength zirconia block in the market with strength of upto 1400 mpa. Through the development of this innovative material, we have combined all the well-known, positive mechanical properties of "white" zirconia with an obvious increase in translucence. The Tanzaent's Premium Tanza concept convinces with its cost effectiveness and also offers all the advantages of fullceramic zirconia dentures.


These blanks are distinguished by their enhanced strength and long-term hydrothermal stability. An absolutely homogenous structure is achieved through a specially developed production process. The blanks are optimised for rapid milling strategies and provide excellent edge stability and green body breaking strength during processing.

  • for high aesthetic veneered frameworks
  • increased light transmission
  • sintering of all zirconia materials in one furnace is possible
  • extering of all zirconia materials in one furnace is possible
  • furnace-preserving sintering at 1450 ° C
  • for full-contour, monolithic supplies