Additive Manufacturing has been available to produce crowns and bridges since 2005. With over 60 installed systems worldwide, it is the most widespread solution on the market. Around 6.8 million units are currently being produced with these machines every year. Proof enough that the hardware and process have established themselves in dental technology. The CE-certified material EOS CobaltChrome SP2 (CE 0537) and the EOSINT M 270 system are used for the digital production of crowns and bridges. Both elements of the process chain come from EOS and satisfy the high quality standards for medical products. The finished products comply with the relevant standards EN 1641 as well as EN ISO 22674.


Additive Manufacturing is a 3D printing process that builds up parts layer. It doesn't matter whether you are producing crowns and bridges or removable partial dentures, with Additive Manufacturing solutions you always get exceptional value for money. Laboratories and manufacturing services providers can thus work much more efficiently.

  • MLS crowns and bridges are made of a particle size of 3–14 μm. This combined with very fine point laser (0.1 mm) results in a density of 99.9 %, resulting in stronger copings.
  • The densely sintered crowns have practically no voids.
  • The process results in highly accurate, well detailed restorations.
  • Coping thickness, pontic design and cement thickness can all be standardized with this method.
  • Laser sintering is a computer-controlled, precise process that ensures consistent work quality.