service_imgService:- Our technicians, employees & owners are here to make sure you receive the information, support and tools you need to deliver successful results that satisfy your patients every time.

Consultation and chair side assistance lab has a highly skilled staff of certified dental technicians available. We process thousands of cases each year. So feel to tap into the wealth of Knowledge and experience Twin city dental labs has to offer an treatment planning case design, clinical techniques and any other needs-not only are our experienced technicians available for over than phone consultations, but they will gladly come to your office to assist with difficult case.

Shade taking:-

We also highly encourage you to send photos along your cases to our laboratory with todays

Technology, it is becoming increasingly simple to take and send a digital photo to our technicians. We have email strictly and our technicians also use tablets to view the photos right at their benches without printing them. This guards against distortion in colour during printing and it is also allows the technicians to zoom in our out as needed.